Image of Cocaine Pen Drug Test Kit

Cocaine Pen Drug Test Kit


The Coca Test comes in the form of a pen field test kit with colorimetric reagent designed for use by law enforcement professionals now available to private market. This is a surface test for:

& related drugs

Each kit contains 1 pen test, 2 testing papers, and instructions. It is recommended that one testing paper be used to take a sample, and the other used as a ‘control’ to compare results. Recommended areas to test are:

Kitchen and bathroom extractor fans
Ceiling fans
Air conditioning vents or ducts
Walls, especially if stained
Window frames
Tops of door frames
Curtain and blind rails
Tops of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Carpets, especially where there are visible stains
Workshops and garages
This list is not conclusive as each situation is different but these are the most common areas of contamination.

* It is recommended that further, scientific laboratory testing be carried out for conclusive evidence of the presence of drugs in legal situations.

All prices exclude MVA.

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